Welcome to Brown Dog Pet Service!
Sue and Dustin
Me with Dustin
People often ask me why I named my business Brown Dog Pet Service. The name was inspired by my beloved dog, Brownie. Although Brownie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge he is far from gone from my life. I fostered him through a leg amputation and ultimately, adopted him. Since his passing I have had another three-legged dog and currently have two three-legged cats. I’m convinced Brownie is sending these special pets to me.

Prior to becoming a pet sitter I graduated with a BS from Western Michigan University and worked in the printing and graphic design industry for over 15 years. However, I realized that sitting in a cubicle all day was not the way I wanted to live my life, so I made a change. I started a pet sitting business because I love animals and, knowing how important my pets are to me, knew I could provide a valuable service for other families with pets.

My services include daily visits and vacation care in your
pet's own home. See the page for more

I look forward to meeting you and your pets!

Owner, Brown Dog Pet Service